Matheus Portela

Weekly wrap up - Day 5 #100DaysOfCode

It’s 1:50 AM of Saturday and I just finished my coding sprint for today. Since I don’t have enough time to write about a complex topic, this post is a pretty small update on what I’ve got so far:

========== Coverage summary ==========
Statements   : 99.23% ( 385/388 )
Branches     : 100% ( 14/14 )
Functions    : 100% ( 104/104 )
Lines        : 99.23% ( 385/388 )

For those of you who are helping me, either with technical expertise, article reviews, or emotional support, thanks a lot. You guys are awesome!

If you want to get in contact with me, just send a tweet to @matheusvportela. You can also follow my GitHub repository and be always up-to-date with the project progress.